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Anatomy of a work-in-progress.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I started this piece in the fall. I wanted something simple to work on in the midst of the many collaborative performances and pieces I was working on. The process went something like this: What is short and simple? Haiku. What shall I write haiku about? I have those object collages featuring my son’s baby teeth…. So I chose seventeen photos from the 20 or so that I had in the series and be...

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"Welcome to the team."

by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — It hit 9PM on my Windows 7 Start bar when my colleague swiveled around and said, “Hey, you’re here late. Welcome to the Seasonal Events team, you’ll start getting used to this.” To make things clear,...

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Friday nights are lit up with screens and sometimes colleagues as we wait for our new work to air.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — As the time slot approaches, I fall silent and watch the grid of tags move columns of text. This one should recirculate, that one receives a nod. Is this format correct? Are there characters remaining...

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Today's office.

by Jordan Clarke

Victoria — Victoria’s Atrium building — sitting snuggly on Blanshard Street between Johnson and Yates — is a beautiful piece of architecture and one of my favourite places to work. There’s no obligation to buy a...

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