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Life in Tourtour.

by Luis Mendo

Shibuya-ku — After being in a full train smelling last night’s yakitori garlic breath off several salarymen’s mouth – I had left my bike in Omotesando last night – I stop for a morning coffee and think of the deadlines waiting to be met, shouldn’t I go straight to the studio instead of taking time off? By taking a breath, relaxing and looking around you get so much energy and ideas I keep wondering why I don’t...

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This morning we decided on a spontaneous trip to Baker Beach with our two-year-old son.

by Kai Gradert

San francisco — It was overcast, but we were itching to get out of the house for a little bit of nature and family time. The moment we set foot on the beach we created memories for a lifetime. The sun broke through t...

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People just want me to have a job. They want to take a label and stick it on me.

by Jette Fxx

Tallinn — People just want me to have a job. They want to finally be able to take a label and stick it on me. They want to take me and drop me into a category. This will give their mind clarity and peace. They ...

Work-Life Balance, Lucky Stars

I get a kick out of the geography and the sheer unlikeliness of it all. Right now is this: a beautiful font in a wooden cabin, Mekong-side.

by Dominique le Roux

Vientiane — Yesterday morning I was reconfiguring an e-commerce site for the download of plenty-gigabyte software training multimedia ebooks in variable formats for a client 11 time zones away. Lunchtime: head to...

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