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I swear this company runs on sugar

by Emanuel Rabina

Wellington — “Rowena!” I shout in the general direction of her desk. “Why is there a box of donuts on my desk?” Only 3 months into working for Xero, and I’ve asked a variation of this question several times already. It’s not always donuts; today, it happens to be a ‘cronut’, which in name is close enough. (I imagine if someone took the time to create some kind of evolutionary tree showing the common ancest...

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Almost at the end of the Hub's 60 day challenge, finally realized where I got stuck in my business-model

by Aafke Mertens

Amsterdam — I’ve been part of the Hub’s 60 day challenge - a program for startups. And it was here, on the last few days, that I realized that I had been stuck in fear - fear of validating my assumptions, since s...

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Hours after I found out someone took my business idea- I sat behind a tree in the park and cried.

by Aafke Mertens

Amsterdam — After posting this dramatic sketch last week I decided to take a breather before I extended the moment. What happened was dramatic in my eyes, it started with my marketing intern telling me she had f...

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Well, it's not that bad. Not that bad at all...

by Aafke Mertens

Amsterdam — I was pretty jealous by some pictures here at Hi.. people working in the sun and yummy food… My day has been a combination of relaxing and annoying moments. 10am: Packing my things and passport, w...

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