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Winter, Weather, yoga

When the weather grows so suddenly cold, bodies tighten.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — Props pile up on the mat. Hamstrings ache in forward bends. Backs do not bend as they used to. Opening the body requires a trust easily assumed in warmer weather, carefully negotiated in winter. Boots are changed to ones lined with wool and thinsulate. Ones with deeply etched soles. Feet step gingerly on ice and proudly in deep snow, enjoying the crunch as innumerable crystals are crushed. Shoul...

yoga, Mindfulness, meditation

Suspend your mind and take flight.

by Anne Wu

Melbourne — My mind is free when I take flight. The silks nestled around my hips. I tip toe, tip toe backwards till there is tension in the silks and let go. My body floats weightlessly and swings in the air. To...


On the next inhale...

by Tanja P

Canberra — Hi. This sketch is massaging an idea for a yoga assignment. Putting the TANJA into PaTANJAli, channelling a bit of yogic wisdom, the whole “I see myself in others” line. Hence why I’ve ditched the pen...

yoga, Fiction

yoga fiction...

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — I lay supine in that blissful space between utter consciousness (ears pricking at every soft sound in the room, mind racing through every corridor of thought) and complete otherworldliness, where my s...

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