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Culture, Identity, Youth

The Sweep

by Carla D

Willoughby — Throwing cards down on the table always felt like love. He’d learnt the pleasure as a kid, eyes barely breaching the table top, sweat from the day’s toil swimming amongst cigarette fumes, paint-stripper wine, cries and interjections, the tally of points. He didn’t care then that he didn’t properly understand, he just loved watching shapes slapped down and swept away. Clubs, coins, cups, blades. T...

Slice of Life, University, Youth

Same old, same old

by Alan Wen

Haymarket — Haven’t updated in a while, might as well brush up on my recount skills. Ran into some people of the past week. Had a Caramar fiasco last week. Really hate the Bankstown line. At least Francis had th...

lost love, lovers, Youth

This is how the three of you have shaped me.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — The first one who walked through my open door of innocence will and did forever leave an enormous imprint on my impression & ideas of love. I should say the first one to swoop me off my feet, whic...

friendship, Vulnerability, Youth

Someone who see's through the external pain, is the one you want to keep.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — The unknown boy exposed his essence. I tried cuddling up and everything changed. There is this beautiful person I met online. As much as I hate to admit it, it was, of course, a sleazy “it’s 3 am, I’...

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