I love travelling...back home

March 12th, 2016, 1pm

Yeah, I love travelling. I love experiencing new places, seeing what they have to offer. A world tour is on my bucket list. And not any world tour. A tour where I get to experience the secrets of a country. Go places that normal tourists don’t. Experience places from a local perspective.

When I travel to a new place with my family, the one thing that really gets on my nerves is that they don’t explore. We experience tourist spots, understand monuments and relics and come back fulfilled…except I am not fulfilled. I wanted to know more, experience more. Travel all day long to a place free of tourists bustling in to experience. I love travelling, and I want to travel.

But, nothing brings me the same thrill as travelling back home; back home to a place I know like the back of my palm. Travelling to a place I’ve made memories in, and the place that is home to my friends. No city or country could ever give me the joy I feel when I sit in an Air India airplane and hear the announcement, “We are now landing in Bangalore.” No other place could give me the increased heart beats I have when I step out of the airport and see my best friend waiting to pick me up and take me home. No other country can give me the energy I feel walking on the roads of my city after a 6-hour flight.

No other place can give me the happiness I feel when I relive Bangalore again and again.

Craig said thanks.

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Ridhee Gupta

Teenager, love life, astronomy freak, passionate about theatre, love writing about everything, unconventional.

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