I'm not a builder

November 12th, 2013, 2pm

Not by a long shot. I dread buying supplies only to see them wasted through my clumsiness; I dread seeing plans go sideways. Not only do I hate to disappoint myself, I’m also lazy. Online shopping was made for me. But every now and then, there’s things you can’t buy for any reasonable amount of money, so what do I do when I have to cut back on the ridiculous amount of time I spend on improving my home recordings? I build a mic booth, that’s what. Construction of the wooden outer shell is complete, next I have to sandpaper it for a nicer finish. Then comes the acoustic foam for the inside.

If it sounds like shit, I’ll still have a very stable wooden box to sit on, with an almost soundproof interior. Not everybody can claim such a thing.

Allan, David Wade, Lia, Sam and 3 others said thanks.

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Marcus Hammerschmitt

Writer, journalist and photographer. Eighteen books so far, on paper and on screen. My biography is boring, my life is not.

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