Adorable Japanese dads

December 28th, 2013, 9pm

Gotta love weddings. Last night’s was one of my favorite ones in a while, and I started mentally taking notes in case I ever have to plan my own.

Jazz band? Check.
No cheesy singles games? Check. (and, whew!)
A delicious, six course meal? Check. (Mmm sea bass.)
Beautiful (and convertible!) wedding dress? Check.
Non-cheesy engagement photos? Check.
Japanese rocket scientist husband? Ha!

Or maybe it was so great because it ended up becoming a high school reunion—a table of 20++ girls chatting loudly about life, jobs, boyfriends (or lack thereof), travel. Basically catching up on the last 10 years.

It hit me the most when Nicole, the bride, introduced me to her husband. “This is Christine. She’s been my friend for…”

We stop to do the math.

“… twenty three years!” Has it been that long?!

Or maybe I liked it so much because it was so simple. No over-the-top dancing or games or random song numbers. Plus they had sweet, short messages from the parents, my favorite message being from the groom’s old dad.

”Magandang gabi,” he smiles, trying his hand at some Filipino. Aww. Then he proceeds to thank everyone and tell the story of their life abroad and how proud he is of his son and his new wife.

And with a bow, ends his message with, “If any of you want to go to Japan, just let me know, and I will show you around!”

Teehee. Hey Mr. Miyake, I might take you up on that offer!

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