Weekends mean lattés.

March 9th, 2014, 12pm

It was -4°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

I don’t know when we started this routine. It was some time after our return to Saskatoon from living in Japan and England. Some time during my long recovery from colitis. Some time long enough ago that we’ve broken one latté cup and chipped another and panic when we realize on Friday night that neither of us has remembered to buy some milk.

On weekends we slowly ease ourselves out of bed. I have my synthroid and we lounge on the couch. Ed plays his fantasy MMO and I read webcomics, blogs, and saved articles in Instapaper. We wait for one hour exactly because that is how long it takes for the synthroid to get into my system and then head to the kitchen.

Ed fills and starts the stovetop steamer. (I am terrified of this object. Probably because my overwhelmed-by-four-children and somewhat-absent-minded scientist of a mother exploded a couple pressure cookers when I was younger.) I make the latté syrups.

We usually both have matcha lattés. I make the syrup (whisk 1tsp sifted matcha with a bit of hot water, add 2tsp honey and perhaps a bit of vanilla if the matcha is especially vegetal that season) while Ed steams the milk. For the past couple months I’ve been off caffeine (stomach troubles brought on by this) and have gone from vanilla and honey to maple syrup and finally settled on rooibos chai.

Once the lattés are made we sit on the couch and chat. We chat about what we’ve been reading, what we’ve been thinking, fantasize about moving somewhere warmer (BC is looking pretty good right now).

Lattés finished, we start our day. Today the snow is finally beginning to melt. Ed goes to get groceries and I putter around the house before I sit down to write.

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Lia Pas

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