Mindfulness on Hermit Lake (Day Twelve) Non-judging : suspend your need to judge, just watch whatever comes up and breath

April 11th, 2014, 12pm

What do you see in this photo? Do you see the tree with the bark stripped from its trunk? Or do you see the young, vibrant sapling reaching up from the forest floor to find its place in the sun? Can you see both pieces of the image and view them without judgement as to their time and purpose?

We are constantly generating judgments about the world we live in. The habit of categorizing and judging our experience can lock us into mechanical reactions to our world that limit our true pursuit of mindfulness. Today look with eyes that intentionally assume impartiality. Just observe and suspend your need to quantify and judge. Watch with the purpose of purely watching.

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Valentina said thanks.

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Duane Kuss

A passionate entrepreneur, publisher and author with 16 tons of life experience. Duane's most recent book is "Dance With The Elephant - Life's Cosmic Equation", a self-discovery book that can change the way you look a life. http://DanceWithTheElephant.us

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