In another sketch, I’ve mentioned that I’m the sort of guy that worships the sunrise. I take it to extremes. Every morning. Rain or shine. I do my meditation and then I take a quick shot or two for my sunrise blog, which is, in itself, a meditation. Then, precisely at 7 AM my partner and I head off to the gym, twenty minutes away, for our morning workout.

Well, he always heads out at 7. I do too, unless I didn’t sleep, or it’s too cold, or too hot. Or if the sunrise is happening right at 7, as it was yesterday. So, picture us at about 6:50. See pic above.

Me: “Hey, I may not go, it’s going to be a glorious sunrise.”


Me: “I know I ought to go, but in 20 minutes, the light will be spectacular.”


Me: “All right, if you insist, I’ll go!”


Me: “I knew I should have stayed home. It’s going to be amazing”

Me: “Damn, it’s getting better”


Me: “Slow down, slow down. It’s just coming up”

“There’s someone right behind!”

Me: “Slow down, just a little”


Me: “Hurry, it’ll be up before we get there!”


Me (sighing): “It would have been better at home. Oh well, here’s the gym.”.

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David Wade Chambers

Born in Oklahoma: 30 years in US. 6 years in Canada, 40 years in Australia. Academic field: history and philosophy of science. Currently, teach indigenous studies online at Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM) and Brandon University (Manitoba). Come visit our B&B on Australia's Great Ocean Road. Mate's Rates for Hi community! (

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