Laughing at life's coconuts: Today was a rough one, but the world finds a way to remind you its okay.

March 22nd, 2014, 10am

I’m usually the one telling people to find the silver lining in life. To breathe and just enjoy the ride as things develop. Waking up this morning, I was far from able to find the silver lining.

This morning was different. I was in a panic about car repairs, and my mind was racing thinking about deadlines, finances and everything in between.

I just couldn’t shake off the feeling of anxiety, and that everything was falling apart in some manner. I had forgot my positive mantras.

A familiar feeling of paranoia and anxiety crept into my mind.

When I couldn’t handle my inner dialogue I decided to take a ride in the hopes to clear my head. Sitting in my car I sat with a face of pure despair, until I noticed what was on my windshield. I was so focused on my inner world I failed to see someone had place a coconut, in the middle of winter, right on my windshield.

My automatic reaction was to look up for a palm tree. Then I realized, wait - I’m in the middle of the mountains!

I automatically went to my defenses and wondered who in the world is trying to mess with me now? Can’t they see I’m in the middle of a life crisis? I started creating as many stories and what-ifs in my head.

Then I stopped, and just starred at the coconut until I begin to laugh. I laughed hard and long at this situation.

This was my moment. This was my chance to stop asking questions in fear, and just breathe and let things develop as they happen. I laughed until it felt like things will e okay, and per usual they were.

The coconut was the doing of my boyfriends father who wanted to cheer me up. It worked more than he can imagine. Now on my lowest days I find a way to laugh at life many, strange, coconuts.

David Wade, Christine, clive and Lia said thanks.

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Gabriel Vega

A highly motivated compassionate young professional, dedicated to making a difference in community advocacy through holistic healing with special interest in at-risk and disenfranchised groups. I have a passion for writing and I consider myself the voice of the voiceless in my community.

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