International Baccalaureate

July 6th, 2015, 10am

For two years I’ve been diligently working in this program. I’ve learned far more than I could even say, but it’s not official yet. I’m not an IB diploma graduate yet. Rather, I’m still just a candidate. In ten minutes, I’ll know if I passed the program or not. Within those seconds, I’ll either smile or cry.

So many things could happen in a second. The news broke that my grandfather died in a second. My sister got into a car accident in a second. Argentina lost their chance to win the world cup in seconds. An emergency hospital truck could reach a person just in time to keep them alive. What I’m saying is, these following moments will matter to me, and they could matter to you.

—- Five minutes till I get my results and my stomach is already turning and twisting. I might cry, I might stop typing, I might just become too weak to look at my scores. Sometimes we take our seconds for granted. We don’t know what’ll happen within a few seconds, those ”insignificant” seconds, we tell ourselves.

—- Three minutes and counting. I could feel my heart race and my sweat gathering below my armpits.

—- One more minute. I’m smiling and I don’t know why.

Well, it’s time now…

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Hedaya Kelani

lover of arts. warrior. princess. poet. dreamer.

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