Quasi-Mexican standoff

December 15th, 2013, 12pm

We went hunting alongside the river. There were so many delicious animals to be hunted: swans, cormorants & coots for instance. The smell of gunpowder was heavy in the air because of our incessant shooting. Nothing of any significance could escape our guns. I even harvested a John James Audubon memorial duck.

Then we arrived at the place where this monster of a watchdog tried to deny us the right of way. We were having none of it. I felt so invigorated by our prior exploits I even provoked this highly trained sentinel into a quasi-Mexican standoff via barking and whoofing. Then I shot the venerable beast. There was no stopping us.

We had Indian food to replenish our resources. After that we hunted a little more, till a point of complete satisfaction had been reached. We took our prey home and examined it on our computer screens.

Matt, Paul, Cassie, Jess and 3 others said thanks.

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Marcus Hammerschmitt

Writer, journalist and photographer. Eighteen books so far, on paper and on screen. My biography is boring, my life is not.

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