Why I Teach

May 23rd, 2014, 4pm

Tony Wong is the reason why I like to teach. He is happy. He has a lot of energy. He never has his homework done. He is struggling in his subjects based on marks. When I taught him in P1, he couldn’t remember my name even when I saw him every school day (my school is very small).

He tries and it is why I come every morning extra early so I can spend some time reading with him. He struggles with his ABC, something his classmates have mastered. He struggles with reading simple words, the same ones he learned last year in P1. Teaching him is fun since when he reads he tends to act out everything he is reading. It makes me smile and well I think it makes him smile too.

I worry about him and his future since the only time he learns is between school hours. None of his teachers have met his mom or dad as they have never been to the school even in P1, which is odd. His homework is never done causing grief among the other teachers and it robs him of his free time as he spends the lunch hours and recesses finishing his homework. The biggest problem is the teachers seem to be more concerned with his future than his family.

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