Found these travel artifacts tucked away in my bookcase.

July 7th, 2015, 3pm

Leftover coins (rupees, koruna, forint, yen), shampoo packets, maps & stubs, magnets, boarding passes and tickets to attractions, napkins from fantastic restaurants, Tina’s name sewn on a paper.

It’d be a lie to say that four years ago, this was a fantasy. Back then I couldn’t even imagine this stuff. I cared too much about future careers and feeling successful. I agonized over the little details of what others saw on the outside. Until one day, I didn’t. I cared about what would feel good just right now. I no longer ignored whatever hope remained inside for happiness. I took a chance, I blew some money, I was struck by sights sounds and smells, I fell in love, I kept spending but more wisely each time, and it’s been one memory after another since.

This hasn’t been a dream. It’s been real.

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Donovan Bui

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