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Sometimes, as a travel photographer, I go to a country and really want to get a particular shot. This was one of them.

by Conor MacNeill

Guilin — I had seen a lot of shots of the famous cormorant fishermen around south China and really wanted to get an image of these guys myself. I had already formed an idea in my head, which can lead to a crushing disappointment when you don’t fulfill it. I rose at 04:00 and took a car down to the Li River in Yangshuo, Guilin. As I saw this fisherman near the shore, I grabbed my camera from my bag, but al...

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Tai Shan, mythical mountain.

by Kevin Kelly

Jinan — In mythical China there is an ancient temple at the top of a very high mountain sitting above the clouds and it takes 7,000 steps up a vertical stairway to reach it. Emperor, poets and pilgrims make t...

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A few months after my departure, I found myself crossing some Himalaya mountains on my tiny custom build Chinese bike.

by Boris Pink

Deqen — Fortunately, two days before I had met Martin from Uruguay. He was joking about my bike and I hated him for that (though he was right). However, he had some experience cycling the world and he agreed ...

A monk waiting sunrise

by Zhiming Cao

Xinzhou — This photo was taken at Wutai Mountain East Top, last tuesday. We were watching Perseus meteor shower. When it was dawn, a monk walked here, beside us, staring the east, and waiting for sunrise.

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