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The dog and his thoughts

by Carlos Díaz

Bogotá — We were walking with my girlfriend Downtown when I saw him. Staring to the emptiness; so melancholic, that I couldn´t resist to take a picture. He was so still that I decided to get closer, but suddenly, he moved and seemed to awake from whatever the trance he was in, and walked away. I put my camera back, and some drops started to fall anouncing the rain. We continue through the alley that took ...

Creo que a nadie le interesan los sueños ajenos, excepto cuando la narración empieza con un “soñé contigo”.

by L de Ligeia

Bogotá — Tengo un par de cuadernos donde escribo lo que sueño. En el 2006 incluso tuve un blog donde los publicaba; pero cuando se hizo más fácil ser rastreado en internet lo configuré como privado y me olvid...


For a second time in less than two years Bogotá finds itself with an ousted mayor.

by Alejandro Hache

Bogota — The Office of the Inspector General of Colombia, headed by Alejandro Ordoñez, ordered the mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, to be removed from office alleging mismanagement of the city’s garbage collec...

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Not sure what I'm feeling

by mi 2

Cartagena — Nicaragua has been my favorite for 2 years now but Cartagena….. I’m thinking might be taking over the spot in my heart.

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