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I must have stood there, in the middle of the street, grinning like an idiot.

by Christine Herrin

Rome — It hits you without warning the minute you step out of the station. I wasn’t even paying attention—I think we were in the middle of a conversation or I was trying to put my wallet back into my bag, but then I look up, and boom. Oh, no big deal. Just two thousand years of history staring right back at me. Trips to historical monuments are always the same for me: I stop, stare, smile. Sometimes t...

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The pool is getting a break

by Paul Baron

Penna in teverina — It’s seeing a lot of activity these days, especially from this duo of 5 year olds. One of them can already explore its depth, while the other explores how far he can swim without his dad’s help. 「いやだ...

Morning, summer

Waking in Florence

by Simon Collison

Florence — I awake to a beautiful Summer’s morning in the Boboli District. The heat has me out of bed unusually early and I find myself on our balcony garden, looking across the terracotta rooftops of Florence. ...

Travel, Prose

In so many ways, Florence teaches perspective.

by Kristen Taylor

Florence — It is a city from the old world, the one with merchant princes rising from textiles to titles, with artists and architects rediscovering Roman techniques to construct theories, domes, and marble cathe...

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