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Full stack writing (and publishing): Welcome to Hi

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — We’d like to welcome you to Hi: A community of writers, journalists, journalers, illustrators, photographers, travelers, poets, and musicians exploring the world, and sharing those explorations through images and text. Hi has been in private beta for the last eight months, but today we’re opening to all. We’d love for you to join: Sign up What is Hi? Hi is a writing platform with each piece be...

literature, Hotels, ghosts

Brando's room

by Craig Mod

Higashiyama ward — “Most Japanese girls giggle,” begins Capote’s 1957 profile on Marlon Brando for The New Yorker. I first came across this piece a few years ago during my Capote phase in which I was hunting down and d...

Japanese Curious, Prose, Testing

The monk in a tree

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — There’s a monk in that tree, I swear. Can you see him? It’s a bit tough. But trust me, he’s there. Bald, in robes. No harness. No helmet. Just a monk in a tree with a sword, cutting branches in my...

expats, Travel, writing

Notes on The Other

by Craig Mod

Narita — What right do I claim? None. No family, no blood ties, no citizenship. Friends, yes, but nothing legal. A visa, up for renewal yet again. Nothing binding. Nothing strict. And so you come. You, too, w...

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