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True Silence

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — On the edge of Ngozumpa, the longest glacier in the Himalayas. It was here I heard true silence for the first time. No people, no machines in valley nor sky; only the eagles soundlessly soaring above. I had to hold my breath to hear it — the way a vast natural quiet draws everything that is far intimately close: a pebble falling on the far side of the valley falls at my feet, an eagle’s wing brush...

Life, Thoughts

living is letting go

by :DD L

Kathmandu — I was sitting in my four dollar a day bedroom at a guesthouse run by a Sherpa family in Nepal, when I realized one thing: Living is an act of letting go. I used to think life was a grand process of ...

mountains, silence, Solo Travel

Walking by Everest

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — I peaked at 18,514 feet, watching sunrise gild the crown of Everest — one fat king in a room full of (to be honest) far lovelier ladies. The next day, after crossing/crawling the treacherous Chola Pas...

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The girl and the truck driver

by Boris Pink

Pokhara — “Never will I forget the sight of her pink toenails,” a Nepalese doctor wrote in a newspaper article1, “and this is about what is wrong in our country: “Last friday a girl was brought to our hospital...

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