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"Telling the story is not nearly as important as living the story."

by Aaron Palabyab

Lares — Now that I’m home and sorting through thousands of photos and videos from the trip of a lifetime, I’m realizing that really, as much as you want to share everything you’ve seen and done with other people, the best you can do is to share the best parts to inspire others to do the same, then be content to enjoy the rest for yourself. As Rolf Potts writes in Vagabonding: “Try as you might, you simp...

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Had to fight for space at the back of the train with a bunch of Afrikaners to get this shot.

by Matthew Mansfield

Puno — When this photo was taken, I could barely stand after suffering from severe altitude sickness after experiencing Puno’s altitude of 3860 meters (12420 feet) the previous day. Had been a miserable wret...

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Travel itineraries and how I don't have to be you

by Connie Tsang

Lima — When I come home from any trip, what I hold close to my heart — more than the memories of sites and having checked items off a bucket list — are the people and random experiences that go with them. ...

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American dolla-dolla bills: only the best accepted here

by Connie Tsang

Iquitos — I gave the man a whack of U.S. dollar bills. As in most countries that accept American currency, I was expecting a quick exchange, a flip through the stack of 20, a swift writing of a receipt, and bam...

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