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More time is better than more money.

by Kevin Kelly

Ronda — I’ve traveled extensively for 40 years. In almost every style there is. Been pampered in first class: I remember a time in Bangkok where they put me up in the Grand Orient Hotel on the river and I was assigned a personal butler who sat outside my room awaiting my wishes. I’ve hitchhiked penniless, too. I walked a thousand miles on my feet one trip. Ridden a bicycle across the US, twice. Traveled a...

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On cities that were made for friendship

by Dani Z

Barcelona — I went back to Barcelona. I was there for almost all of October, which is just enough time to get over jet lag, readjust, fall back into your old life and then say good bye all over again. I spent my...

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On conversations that feel like they are changing the world

by Dani Z

L'alt penedès — One of my favorite things about traveling is the conversation. It’s not just that the conversation with fellow travelers tends to veer toward the substantive and intimate, it’s that when it happens yo...

Origins, Memories

Where I come from

by Luis Mendo

Salamanca — This is the house where I was born. My mother gave birth before the doctor could reach it. Maybe because it used to be on the edge of the city. Behind the house lived some gipsies (one of them became ...

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