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This is Rådhuset (Court House) station on the blue line of the Stockholm metro system in Sweden.

by Conor MacNeill

Stockholm — This was taken during the last night of a 10 trip around the arctic with my good friend Dave Morrow. We spent a bit of time around Arctic Sweden, but mostly we headed to the Norwegian Arctic, in particular the Lofoten Islands and the fjords north of Tromsø. I’ll post some landscapes and astrophotography shots from this area soon :)

drawing, Stroll, Walking the dog

The man with the dalmatian

by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — Last friday I was walking aimlessly around Norrcity in Örebro, taking pictures of trees and houses and things that had been bullied into their primary colours by the late afternoon sunshine, when this...

gratitude, Prose poetry

Times like these

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — One should be grateful. Grateful for the late evening sunshine, yellow and lovingly caressing, for the sough in the trees, that soft, dancing sound of shivering aspen leaves, for voices and laughter ...

Sweden, Travel, nature

Before you say a single thing

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Veddige — It’s so quiet here, you’re starting to hear things. Like a fish breaking the water’s surface, trying to escape his predator (most probably a pike) in three, four frantic leaps. Or that animal (most pr...

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