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Non-Euclidian ping-pong

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Rüschlikon — I have made a book. It comprises pictures of you, from being very small in your mother’s womb to your present glory of turning 18 soon. Supposedly, making this kind of book is totally easy. You send the pictures along with the money required to some printing outfit, and two weeks later you have the book. 1, 2, 3, simple as that. The devil is very small, so that he fits into the tiniest details. ...

nature, Landscape, Travel


by Christine Herrin

Hergiswil — It was a perfect day for a hike—the only sunny day that week, apparently. Lucerne was beautiful. We needed to see it while the sun was out. Now. Now? I wasn’t in perfect shape for a mini hike that d...

Hot day setup at iA.

by Laurian Gridinoc

Zürich district — The thing that kills me on a hot day in the office is the lack of cooling of my head; this Dyson fan solves the problem, I can use my laptop through it while being close enough to get the air around m...

Art, Hi Meta

Inspiration from Say-Hi Writers done in watercolours at the 24-Hours Comic Day in Winterthur, Switzerland. What a great site!

by Jacek Piotrowski

Lucerne — On my second attempt at the 24-Hours Comic Day I got inspired by some Say-Hi Writers. It’s maybe the first social media mashup comic (not about social media or the internet as a theme but) as a snap-s...

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