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Holy Places, father, health

I've had some of the most intimate conversations with my dad recently, as he waits to get out of hospital.

by Eddy Piasentin

Victoria — It’s been two weeks of daily visits, two weeks of getting to know him a bit better. Our conversations have ranged from his youth in Italy, working in Germany, to his life in Canada. In other circumstances I’d feel as though my relationship with him was deepening, becoming more substantial. That perhaps I’m offering him a long-needed channel for conversation and reflection. Trouble is, our conver...

Food, The Simpsons

The Homer. Mmm, sacri-licious.

by Jordan Clarke

Victoria — I first saw this donut months ago while stopping for coffee at Discovery. My eyes grew wide. The classic donut from The Simpsons! I neglected to actually purchase and eat this perfect replica, probabl...


I join Hi on a gorgeous mid-October day in which I feel productive, light and free.

by Jordan Clarke

Victoria — It’s been a glorious few months of change. In July I became a casualty of the publishing industry, something I did not see coming despite the tumultuous state of magazines in general. I figured the s...

Public Spaces, Culture, People

Today's office.

by Jordan Clarke

Victoria — Victoria’s Atrium building — sitting snuggly on Blanshard Street between Johnson and Yates — is a beautiful piece of architecture and one of my favourite places to work. There’s no obligation to buy a...

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