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The motionless trip

by Philippe Castelneau

Montpellier — Sometimes, books are the shortest path from one point of the globe to another. This here is a picture of some travel writings books, taken in the bookstore I work in. (I must add, Nicolas Bouvier is one of my hero).

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The midnight rambler

by Philippe Castelneau

Montpellier — The road again. The road, like an obsession. The same one, always. The night swallows the road which in turn swallows we. Let it Bleed by the Stones in the car, the volume pushed to the max. Surrender...

Open road, Snow, writing

Exit Route

by Philippe Castelneau

Montpellier — Drive by night. Snow on the windshield. Leave the highway for the open road so often fantasized.


I love blues music...

by Philippe Castelneau

Montpellier — Although I prefer vinyls, most blues records I have are on CDs. It will change, with time…

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