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Hospitals, music


by Maria Coveou

Athens — When it was time for Taxol to come in (that’s the drug that will be making all my hair fall off, and the first of the hardcore chemicals), I put on music. I chose my Pan Am compilation, and boy did it feel good, what with it’s traveling mood. I was imagining Taxol traveling through my veins, finding its way to my right ovary where my mucinous cystadeno-carcinoma is located, and as the song was cha...


Divine Intervention

by Maria Coveou

Athens — For my second chemo session Ι arrived on time at 07.30 at room #10 of the chemo ward, but hardly in time. The chemo veterans (older women mostly) had already gotten there from the crack of dawn, appar...

Food, Friends, #100HappyDays

Could we have your potatoes?

by Maria Coveou

Athens — Day 3 of the #100happydays challenge and I went for lunch with two girlfriends. The one wanted to have a salad but she was really jealous of the delicious looking potatoes the girl in the next table w...

#100HappyDays, Lindy Hop, Happiness

It's a wrap with a swing!

by Maria Coveou

Athens — 100 days ago (feels like ages ago) I took on the #100happydays challenge, in a personal effort to train myself to recognise happy moments and not pass them by without appreciating their value. After 1...

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