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Don't fall in love

by Lorena Rivas

Guatemala — I won’t fall in love, but if my heart does it, i will not do anything against it. Feelings are stronger than mind, I’ve learnt that since I was fourteen and that’s the experience that I don’t want to live again, but it doesn’t matter with him. I’d do anything even thou knowing that he will never fall in love with me. He adviced me about it, it’s gonna be my choice, but I’lll do it, and i don’t car...

soulmates, lovers, Friends

I've found my soulmate, but maybe... he's not the love of my life

by Lorena Rivas

Guatemala — I’ve found someone who makes me smile, makes me feel stronger than anyone else. There’s something special whenever I look at his eyes… he’s handsome, smart and a gentleman, but I know… it’s not ab...

Without love, we are birds with broken wings

by Lorena Rivas

Guatemala — You have come into my life as waves crash into the coast.

smile, Love, doubts

How can you explain a smile?

by Lorena Rivas

Guatemala — As a writer said; “There is a smile of love, and there is a smile of deceit, and there is a smile of smiles, in which these two smiles meet.”

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