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I must have stood there, in the middle of the street, grinning like an idiot.

by Christine Herrin

Rome — It hits you without warning the minute you step out of the station. I wasn’t even paying attention—I think we were in the middle of a conversation or I was trying to put my wallet back into my bag, but then I look up, and boom. Oh, no big deal. Just two thousand years of history staring right back at me. Trips to historical monuments are always the same for me: I stop, stare, smile. Sometimes t...

Market, Food

There are places in the world where men can still be found deep in conversation about the appropriate way to prepare beautiful fish.

by Timi Siytangco

Rome — At this particular fish stall, in the old Testaccio Market one metro stop south of the Colosseum, there was also a photograph of Marcello Mastroianni, looking over the fresh tuna and looking out at us...

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Leaping above the birthplace of democracy

by Jonathon Reed

Rome — We wandered through the ruins of the Roman Forum, feeling the sun’s heat of antiquity among the chipped stone walls. The edge of the Farnese Gardens reached out above the city. Thousands of years of h...

Rainy days

Broken umbrellas after the storm remind me how fragile and generous object can be.

by Giovanna Iorio

Rome — Long time ago there were people who could fix broken umbrellas. Now, as soon as they break, they are thrown away on the street. After a big storm you can see them at the side of the streets, half open...

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