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living is letting go

by :DD L

Kathmandu — I was sitting in my four dollar a day bedroom at a guesthouse run by a Sherpa family in Nepal, when I realized one thing: Living is an act of letting go. I used to think life was a grand process of accumulation, but the more I experienced the world, the more I have come to see that its most essential, beautiful yet often painful processes are acts of release. Being born is letting go. Dying is ...

Travel, wanderlust, Nomadic Life

Fallen into cliche.

by Charlie Grosso

Kathmandu — No, that is not a co-working space in NYC or SF you are looking at. It is a cafe in Kathmandu. Low tables, bare feet, lumpy cushions and black lights. The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, The Doors and Bob...

philosophie, rationalisme, pensée

Philosophiæ Principia

by Samir Taouaou

Kathmandu — Il y a bien des fois où il faut dire le bien et le mal avec la même franchise. Des fois où l’on devient méprisable envers ceux qu’on aime car nous touchons à leur sacrosaint : la bien-pensance. L’hab...

enfant, sociologie, société

Article à venir

by Samir Taouaou

Kathmandu — Article à venir…

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