Stories in Abisko

Travel, Northern Lights, night

Gathered under the aurora in the early morning

by Jonathon Reed

Abisko — Dusk, when the sun slipped beneath the horizon and the sky in the north deepened to a dark blue—that was when the legacy of Abisko really began. We spent the nights refreshing forecasts and brewing c...

Travel, travel writing, writing

Spending the morning reflecting and recording memories

by Jonathon Reed

Abisko — March 4, 11:20 AM, -8 ºC. I spent the morning inside, drinking multiple cups of hot chocolate mixed with abandoned instant coffee and writing in my journal. This is an excerpt from what I wrote: ...

Travel, Exploration, Winter

Wandering my way to the Lapponian Gates

by Jonathon Reed

Abisko — When I was young, I loved my dad’s green hardcover copy of Lost in the Barrens, a book written by Farley Mowatt in the 1950s. It tells the story of two boys working together to survive while stranded ...

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