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Devon, Holidays, Insects

The Beatles

by Adrian Tribe

Kingsbridge — I do apologise. That should of course have been ‘The Beetles’, but I didn’t think you would drop by if I used the correct spelling :-) These are just 4 of the many insects that we encountered on our holiday. I gather that there are about 950,000 species of insects in the world, so as you can see, we only just scratched the surface!

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Devon, Art Deco, Architecture

How the other half live, Art Deco style

by Adrian Tribe

Kingsbridge — Built in 1929 and extended just 3 years later, the Burgh Island Hotel is situated (rather obviously) on Burgh Island, about 300 yards from the mainland across from Bigbury-on-Sea. It is accessible on...

Devon, Holidays, Vacation

"Please drive slowly through the pub"

by Adrian Tribe

Kingsbridge — As you might imagine, seeing a sign saying “Please drive slowly through the pub” as we drove slowly through winding country lanes while exploring the small villages dotted around south Devon certainly...

Devon, Holidays, Art

A happy wall!

by Adrian Tribe

Kingsbridge — We stumbled across this happy face set in the wall outside a house in Kingston, Devon. Clearly not an original feature (many of the houses and other village structures are hundreds of years old), but...

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