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Local produce, Food, Farms

Half a dozen free range eggs. Sold by a local farm from a vending machine! Game changer.

by Paul Capewell

Milton keynes — I was really tempted to snap a photograph of the setup, but felt a bit exposed in the farmer’s driveway… So I’ve recently been exploring two things: local produce, and the history of local areas, including farms. Serendipitously, the latter led me to the former. I’ll explain. I live in an area of Milton Keynes called Two Mile Ash, and it’s bordered by the ancient Watling Street - an ancient t...

Train Stations, Haiku, transportation

Milton Keynes station: Gateway to a Stepford world; Apocalyptic.

by Dan Rubin

Milton keynes — It was my first — and, as of this writing, only — visit to the town of Milton Keynes, one of a handful of ‘new towns’ created during the 1960s in an effort to relieve housing congestion in London. I ...

Architecture, up, look up

Always remember to look up.

by Paul Capewell

Milton keynes — Apparently my granddad regularly told my mum to remember to look up whenever she was walking around London: “the tops of buildings are often far more attractive or interesting than the bottom.” Conse...

Cycling, sunday morning, Winter

Sunday morning ride, with added frost.

by Paul Capewell

Milton keynes — This was a pretty excellent ride, despite the cold weather. It’s a route I know well, so I just followed my nose. Very little traffic - in fact just the odd car, a few walkers, and one or two other c...

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