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Queens Birthday in Australia

by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — OK, this weekend is the Queen’s Official Birthday in Australia. Sadly, we’re here in Southern California, missing the announcement of the Birthday Honours List. Particularly sad, since our new Prime Minister has announced that the country is returning to the Medieval Ranking of the Awards: Knights and Dames, etc. How exciting, I guess. It’s only appropriate really, given that most of the PM’s ...

Picnics, botany, Chinese Cultural Revolution

California picnic under Australian paperbarks

by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — A sunny afternoon picnic under a stand of Australian Melaleuca trees. As a strictly amateur botanist, I suspect that the trees above may be Melaleuca quinquenervia, which constitutes an invasive pest...

signs, Beach, indigenous knowledge


by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — Which way to the beach? Well, do we really need to ask? It seems to me that, as our culture grows increasingly visual, we see more and more evidence of “semasiographic” modes of communication. “in...

palm tree, hi.co, Today's Walk

Palm Bloom Moment

by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — How long to produce a Hi.co sketch? Anything from ten minutes to several hours. Today’s sketch concerns that Palm Tree bloom in the pic above. I snapped the plant growing in the garden where we are...

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