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Goodbye, Archives

I miss the old me — the one that wrote and remembered everything. Sniff!

by Christine Herrin

Los angeles — Reading through my archives tonight (thanks Amal and Craig) and a weird mix of awesome I’m so glad I documented this and why don’t you document as much anymore? And to think I’m working on a project to hopefully get people excited about documenting the big and small things (and the things that don’t belong anywhere else but are fun to keep, like Hi.) Sigh! Just glad I have these and amazing Inter...

Urban reforestation.

by Alissa Walker

Los angeles — I remember walking this block a few years ago and feeling sorry for this stump. I’d find myself thinking about it at odd times—the distended wood bulging out of the ornamental tree cage, the wrought i...

Life Goes On, friendship

You won't need me anymore.

by Charlie Grosso

Los angeles — You held on when I insisted on disappearing. Your friendship came out of nowhere, most unexpectedly. You held my hand via emails and texts and became my secret keeper. Your eyes saw the first draft of...

Indoor pool at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

by Alissa Walker

Los angeles — I started a group called design east of La Brea, where we organize tours of L.A., peeking into spaces ranging from cutting-edge design projects to all-but-forgotten architectural gems. We visited the ...

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