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How could I ever wish for this...never to be torn apart. 6 months on a six year sentence.

by Winston Lehman

Louisville — A nudist camp became a Catholic girl’s school and then a privately run prison colony. Point to the center of this state and find it there. The solstice brought a long bus ride to our new home- dilapidated and dirty, CO’s the dregs of the rural county. There was no fence but our boundaries were clear. Marion Adjustment Center. I grew protective of the sparrows and doves in my windowsill, peeled ba...

Finally it's falling, aeration of the heavy, everything soaking a deeper velvet and the wind turns on its side

by Winston Lehman

Louisville — A drop drops on the inked drop on my arm and it’s on. This page become subject to a current, current rippling across the blacktop. All day designing mythic 12” cover art, pedicabs and taco punks. In t...


Over dinner with an old friend--kangaroo, duck and elk.

by Rhett Burns

Louisville — I ordered the kangaroo meatball for the sole purpose of being able to say that I’ve eaten kangaroo. Sure, it’s a bit vain of a motivation—“Hey, look how cool I am. I ate a marsupial meatball.” But le...

moving, moving

We're moving in two weeks. Now I'm starting to miss everything that used to be ordinary.

by Gabe Bullard

Louisville — I walk in the park and I notice the statue for the first time in six years. I look at for the first time in seven. I appreciate it in a way I never appreciated it before. Everything in town is this wa...

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