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Frozen Wonderfalls. But different.

by Deborah Lanns

Minneapolis — This park in Minneapolis is a beautiful place. You can hike to the Mississippi River. I have done that as well as stood on a bridge underwater in the river because of flooding from so much snow. It is going to be an angry river this year to be sure. There’s so much snow people dig out tunnels through it. It’s the coldest winter I have ever experienced. It can make days very trying. But you have to...

Winter, Snow

All the frozen details.

by Deborah Lanns

Minneapolis — As I am learning to use this service and writing more from my phone I am noticing that I have received these little requests to extend these moments. I wonder if I would’ve had as much to say at the m...

High School Anxiety

by kat rat

Minneapolis — If only there was a way to let it all go- to say goodbye to this feeling. A feeling that overwhelms my body and causes my limbs to shake and heart to pull and punch through my skin. This feeling that ...

Vintage, Shopping, Jewelry

Never underestimate the allure of vintage shopping.

by Deborah Lanns

Minneapolis — On one of the coldest days of the year, though at this point those words don’t mean much anymore-a friend of mine and I decide it’s time to get ready for spring. A feeling that is far fetched and dist...

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