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The perfect cappuccino!

by Christine Herrin

Mountain view — Having a coffee snob for a roommate means a lot of random conversations in the kitchen about coffee beans (and why we have six different kinds between the two of us; our third roommate drinks none of it.) Or what kind of ground to use. Or the best tool to use to get good coffee. The other night, he found me in the kitchen making a cup at 11pm. We ended up talking about morning coffee. He whipped ...

Family, photography

One day you'll ask why I took so many pictures of you. I'll say because you grew up too fast.

by Donovan Bui

Mountain view — My baby nephews turned three and one. My parents, my girlfriend, and I disagree over who loves these two little godsends more, but we all seem to agree that their cuteness and our total indulgence of ...

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Time does give you a new perspective

by Carlos Araya

Mountain view — I turned 40 in September… It used to be that 40 or even 30 felt so far away and the thought of what people call a midlife crisis was the farthest away from my mind. I tend to be a person of polar o...

Growing Up

Places gain meaning and they become a part of you

by Carlos Araya

Mountain view — I’ve lived in Mt. View for the last 8+ years. I’ve always hit the same place for coffee and snacks but it wasn’t until I left FireEye that I started making this place my refuge and the beginning of so...

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