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RIP, Melvin

by Connie Tsang

New orleans — On an evening in March 2011, I’m in New Orleans. I’m on my bike, lost, and I stupidly stop on an unlit residential street to get my bearings. A pick-up truck rolls by and the driver, a burly elderly man, stares as he passes. Shit, I think. Go on, dude. Nothing to see here. I wave him forward. This doesn’t work; the brake lights engage. “Are you lost?” he asks. I lie. “No. I’m just taking a break...

City Walk, Typography

A little bit of everything

by Michael Silva

New orleans — There are a bunch of things I love about this sign. Sure, the letters are of varying weights, the weight of the H is unbalanced, and the N has an extra serif on the bottom right that makes it reversib...

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See Me For Who I Am

by June Howell

New orleans — In the light of day, Jackson Square puts on her make-up – an eyeshadow of colorful artwork on her fences, a blush of pink on her sun-setting skyline, a rouge of fire in the piercing blows of the stree...


The hidden table in the kitchen.

by Taylor Davidson

New orleans — Commander’s Palace is one of the classic restaurants of New Orleans, and like many historic restaurants in historic towns, fights a battle against its history and present. Even though the restaurant h...

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