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The Art of Being Alone (Why Saying No Isn't as Lame as I Thought)

by Soo Song

Palo alto — A few years back, I watched a movie called Yes Man, in which the main character challenges himself to say “yes” to everything for a whole year. To say the least, his life gets a whole lot better a whole lot quickly. But the movie, as rom-com and heartwarming as it was, touched upon an idea that I’ve wrestled with for the longest time. The idea that saying “no” closes doors in life, while “yes” ope...

Homes, Fireplaces, Saying Goodbye

Shala, goodbye.

by Craig Mod

Palo alto — I get emotional when I leave places — rooms, apartments, houses, countries. Whenever I leave my apartment in Japan, despite knowing well enough that I’ll be back soon, I can’t help but turn to the tin...

Thoughts, friendship

To the Observer

by Soo Song

Palo alto — There’s a saying that observations often tell you more about the observer than the observed. In my 19 years of life, I’ve rarely met people as observing — and so captivated by observing — as Eunice...

The Long Ride (a short story about Turtle)

by Soo Song

Palo alto — Every time the car hit a bump in the road, Turtle cringed — as if the car was instead pinning her down and hitting her. Familiar surroundings gave way to foreign sights, smells, and textures, and she...

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