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By the time I discovered my error, the sun was nothing but a thin, red line lying on the foothills.

by Chelsea Batten

San diego — I got lost last night while running, and ended up caught by the dark, trying to find my way home up an unlit country road. Con: getting hit in the head with a low-hanging tree branch This happens to me often. Not necessarily while running; sometimes while traveling, sometimes when walking home from the store or a friend’s house. This has happened to me in New Jersey, France, Maryland, Argentina...

The Ocean, san diego, Travel

Why We Go to the Ocean

by Richard Leis

San diego — Why We Go to the Ocean We don’t go to the ocean because there is salt water in our blood. The pH and salt content of our blood might reflect our evolutionary path from the ocean to land, but the phys...

We May Hike

by Ranmali Rodrigo

San diego — It was 7:00 when I thought we would hike. Its now 8:00. We played with the cat, drank black coffee and had sex. Maybe we’ll hike tomorrow.


I'm Staying In

by Ranmali Rodrigo

San diego — I imagine myself smoking a cigarette on a chilly California night, draped in a sassy sequin dress. It is black. My ears are throbbing from the music inside. I smile and take another drag from my ci...

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