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What you need to be a photographer.

by Daniel Milnor

Santa fe — Shoes. Good shoes. Okay, maybe even GREAT shoes. These are mine, photographed moments before they were shucked and torn apart and then rebuilt by a master craftsman in Santa Fe. A man who has been doing this EXACT thing for sixty-five years. I get the question at lot. “I want to be a photographer…what camera should I buy?” Don’t buy anything. Somewhere out there is an old film camera that som...

Santa Fe Style, marriage

Marriage Equality: Santa Fe Style X

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — In this municipal courtroom, anyone can get married, even gay people. And Paul and I just did!

Santa Fe Style, Opera, indigenous

A Night at the Opera: Santa Fe Style IX

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — By coincidence the birth of modern European opera coincides perfectly with the coming of Europeans to Pueblo country.. Indeed, Santa Fe was founded in 1607, the same year that Monteverdi composed his...

city, indigenous, Art

New Digs: Santa Fe Style V

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — Each year about this time, we pull up stakes from Australia and make our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, my favorite city in North America. It’s the oldest capital city in the US, founded by the Spanish...

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