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Fraction of A Second

by Charlie Grosso

Sulaymaniyah — The point of intersection. The Bosphorus melting into the Marmara Sea; the Golden Horn meets the Bosphorus. Ships, ships, ships. On a terrace in Cihangir, I can forever watch the ships go by. Passenger ferries, cargo ships, private yachts drawing white lines connecting me to the unknown. I walk over to the man of the hour and stand in front of him. He looks into my eyes and cautiously puts his han...

Military Coup, Journalism, A day in the life

The Night of the Coup

by Charlie Grosso

Istanbul — It was a simple Friday night. Watermelon and rum; roasted chicken salad and take out pizza; friends and a rooftop. We had just finished dinner and moved out of the oven-like kitchen to the rooftop whe...

The road, Travel Fatigue, A day in the life

In Yangon, yet all I want is Benedict Cumberbatch.

by Charlie Grosso

Yangon — A single fluorescent tube illuminates this 11 feet by 8 feet room. I stretch across the bed. I want to see if I could touch one wall with my feet and the opposite with my hands. Yes, just barely. The ...

A day in the life, On a walk

I left work tonight chasing a sunset. The sky was beautiful and I had to find the source.

by Carl Holscher

Washington — I left work today and the sunlight was beautiful. I saw the golden rays fall across the Capitol Building so I had to follow it. I walked to the National Mall and was rewarded for my troubles through t...

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