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Art, makers, Pottery

I know now that love and creation are the same thing

by Janet Yeh

Asheville — Inside a tiny gallery in Asheville, a Japanese artist makes teacups. They are grotesque and avant-garde, and I get right away that I won’t be able to make these after six weeks in Intermediate Pottery class. Some have jagged edges and scores cut into them, and others are lacquered to look like birch bark. Meandering slowly through quiet wooden shelves, my initial disinterest turns into intrigue. ...

Travel, Art, Street Art

The graffiti in Reykjavík is subtly different from elsewhere.

by Colin Wright

Reykjavik — Part of the difference is due to the difference in alphabet — there are characters used in the Icelandic language that slip off the Americanized tongue at first, but quickly become familiar the more y...


Party at the consulate. A door for ghosts.

by Cassie Marketos

Istanbul — I got invited to a party at the Austrian consulate last night. For the event, the foreign minister and his wife had two French artists install a sculpture in the ballroom. It consisted of 6,000 elabor...

Exploration, Art, Observation

Caught in the act.

by Taylor Davidson

Reykjavik — Last year I shot a series called Observing, images of people experiencing art, from museums that we visited around the world that year. Why? Because I’m fascinated by how people observe their worlds,...

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