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Today's Walk, Fiction, Autumn

This is the house, she says.

by Jack Cheng

Fredericksburg — When we move in we’ll hang a bench on the patio and when it rains I’ll complain about not being able to see the stars, and one Sunday when I’m back from my parents’ I’ll find you on a ladder with sky on your face and town on your chin and a light bulb and a smirk and you’ll say, Now we can turn them on whenever we want. We’ll change the outside color every year. No colonial pastels, nothing for p...

Autumn, gardens, Mother

My mother's surreal glowing garden decor.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — Sometimes I see my mother’s tchotchkes and think how strange they are. Her walls and shelves and garden decor seem to lend themselves to birds and butterflies and frogs. When I was little, each time ...

Prose, Ireland, Autumn

Last autumn, I saw you from the woods.

by Evan Payne

Kerry — It wasn’t cold, I can remember no scarf, and my hands weren’t shaking as I took the photograph. The trees were all around changing colours, and their mood infected my own as I watched your windows fo...

Trees, Autumn, Leeds Castle

One year on...

by Adrian Tribe

Maidstone — 44,423 words in 260 moments in 37 cities since September 26th, 2013 So reads the byline on my page on Hi, and I must admit that I find it hard to believe! I know that’s not many words compared to so...

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