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Brandon Story Class, indigenous, navajo

Act justly, Love kindness, Walk humbly

by David Wade Chambers

Chinle — Or as the Navajo put it: “walk in beauty.” With beauty before me I walk, With beauty behind me I walk, Beauty below and above. I finish in beauty. In 1855 one Jonathan Letherman reported to the Smithsonian, “Navajo singing is but a succession of grunts and is anything but agreeable”. Navajo spirituality views the universe as a dangerous place with good and evil elements which must be kept in ...

japan, Art, beauty

"It's not perfect but yet it's still beautiful".

by Valentina Manchia

Bologna — Today I had my first Mokuhanga lesson. It’s Mokuhanga that produced the Ukiyo-e masterpieces of Hiroshige. It’s made of wood, ink and hands: my hands drawing and cutting. It wasn’t easy, and I made ma...

running, beauty, Prose

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

by Stephanie Marie

Flagstaff — I only like my body in the morning. When I wake up and prepare for the morning’s training, I’ve started doing a double take at my body— that trusty machine of flesh, blood, bones, and various necess...


We went to see what we could see. And were crushed by beauty.

by Michael Dechane

Tampa — One of the best parts of returning to my childhood home more than 20 years after leaving it as a young teenager is the chance to explore it now with eyes and a heart that love beauty in ways I was onl...

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