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A list of reasons

by Emily Qualey

Portland — Because… - I’m supposed to - it’s the law - it’s what I want to do - it’s interesting - there’s nothing else left to do - I saw someone else do it - I’m curious - I don’t have a choice - it’ll make someone mad (or sad or happy!) - I don’t know any better - I want to - I don’t know any better - I haven’t done it before - I have an ulterior motive - why not - I want to learn something new - it sc...

Change, Growing Up, Homes

We are buying an apartment and leaving the city.

by Kenneth Cooke

New york — I can’t say that it’s the order of operations one usually imagines. I certainly didn’t. After all, apartments are the essence of city living. I always hoped it would be a house we’d leave for. But reg...

Goodbye, #Hi.CO, Change

This is the End of Nothing.

by Andrew Noyes

Los angeles — I was taken by surprise that this was shutting down after navigating to the page for the first time in Too Long. I remember contributing a small amount to Hitotoki on twitter, and loving the idea but ...

Life, beautiful, Change


by Mohammed Shahrukh

Bengaluru — “WHY DO” Why do Sweetest Dreams has changed to sleepless night. Why do Lovely Conversation has changed to Terrible Fight. Why do Beautiful places has Changed to Worst Sight. Why do People not doin...

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