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The mountain pour

by Craig Mod

Kamakura — Let’s just say Fingerface Palmieri wasn’t leaving this mountain without making coffee. He had a crazed look in his eyes. Said he had “carried” fire all the way up the mountain and, good lord, he wasn’t going to “carry” it down, too. Said some sweet angel called Eiko taught him how to do this, and how this had become a life-defining act: diving a dark, rich nectar high above ancient Kamakura. Like...

Parenting, Coffee

Sometimes I say things like "this cup of coffee saved my life" and people think I'm joking.

by Rian van der Merwe

Cape town — Like most parents with young kids, every day is an early start for me. Even so, 4:45am feels a little excessive. And that’s what time today started. To make matters even more… challenging… my wife...

Coffee, Week of Hi

Craig showing off!

by Amal Raghav

Tokyo — “Do you want to learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee?” Mr. Mod inquired. After Fingerface set the bar high by brewing coffee in the Kamakura mountains, Mr. Mod was feeling the heat. Maybe it was...

Today's office, Culture, Coffee

Barefoot Cafe

by Charlie Grosso

Hanoi — I roam around Hanoi on my 125cc motorbike (Sylvia is her name) and alternate cafes for offices. Today’s office is actually called The KAfe. The crowd is a mixture of Vietnamese and expats. The blond w...

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