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On relinquishing control

by Connie Tsang

Yuzawa-shi — Though I was raised in a small town, I much prefer the fast-paced anonymity and autonomy I have in large cities. Being here in Yuzawa, Japan, is a serious change of pace, a tiny sliver of Tokyo, a sleepy town of 50,000. Because of this, I no longer have minor urban luxuries at my disposal and am at the mercy of my hosts in terms of pretty much everything… But after a really active visit in Tokyo...

exploring, sheep, walking

When we entered this field, the sheep seemed to be heading our way. At first we were slightly concerned...

by Paul Capewell

Buckingham — At first they had been grazing nonchalantly over to one side of the field. But of course, the minute we climbed over the stile into their territory, their interest was piqued. They made cautious progr...

Rain, countryside

French countryside

by Philippe Castelneau

Sognolles-en-montois — Hard to believe, this is only an hour drive from Paris. The rain is part of the experience, I guess…

#100HappyDays, Views from a train, countryside

Day 86 #100HappyDays: Oxford blues

by So-Shan Au

Oxford — The rolling English countryside, as viewed from a train window, on my way to Oxford for work. The sky and clouds were looking beautiful today. I spent the journey thinking up ways to eat my rice and c...

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